The first own car – Guide with tips for novice drivers

The driver’s license is fresh in the bag, the freedom calls – now also the first car should be forthcoming. Good Lender provides novice drivers with first-aid and valuable information on the purchase of the first own car.

We have compiled interesting facts and figures for you in an infographic. In the following guidebook you can deal even more intensively with the subject of driving beginners and car buying.


What is a good first car?

What is a good first car?

Used cars or new cars, VW or Ford, small cars or middle class? Before buying the first car, you have shown that there are a number of questions from the newly-born drivers license holders. In order to answer these adequately, you should be aware of where your priorities and opportunities lie. Apart from the financial resources, this approach focuses on the current use of the first car:

  • How often are you traveling?
  • Do you drive in city traffic or on the country road?
  • Does the car act as a temporary solution or do you want to have something of the first mobile pedestal in the long run?

The average car of the novice driver looks in this country on the whole relatively down to earth: With a year of construction older than six years and more than 80,000 kilometers driven the first car already has a lot under its belt.

In recent years, small cars such as VW Golf, Skoda Fabia and Ford Fiesta have emerged as popular models. Due to the clear horsepower and the compact size of such models are ideally suited to gain driving experience and the necessary safety in road traffic. If the choice also falls on a used vehicle, the inevitable small scratches and bumps are not a big drama.

Germany novice driver in VW hand – with few exceptions

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It is well known that Germans like to put their own horse on the car brand. The same applies to the young novice drivers when it comes to choosing the first car.

Almost in all 16 federal states, the German company occupies the pole position – and Volkswagen is almost always ahead of its rivals with a bumper-length.
Only in the south of the Federal Republic and in the city of Berlin and Bremen dominate the brand giants BMW and Daimler.
The US export hit Ford refers to the German house brands in the Saarland on the lower podium.


Should novice drivers bet on cheap cars?

Should novice drivers bet on cheap cars?

Although cheap vehicles are an attractive alternative for many new drivers, the first car should not be the cheapest scrap box.

Beware of cheap cars A vehicle of ten years and a mileage of more than 150,000 kilometers should ideally not be exceeded.

The reason is simple: the longer the car is already on the roads, the higher it is usually the wear. As a result, the risk of defects in the vehicle increases, which in turn has a negative impact on safety and ultimately on the purse due to susceptible repairs.

By the way, the Germans are not really loyal to their first vehicle. Almost half of all novice drivers decide to change vehicles in the first three years – because then it usually gets bigger, faster, more expensive.


Where do you buy the first car best?

Where do you buy the first car best?

In the German car market, the purchase of a vehicle opens up the multitude of possibilities. For example, with a car loan, you have the option of paying your own car at the same time or even making a down payment with the help of a car loan. Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages, which each potential buyer should weigh up in advance.

But no matter whether you are on the way to the classic car dealership, the flexible used car dealer or private classifieds: novice drivers should always bring an experienced person with the car purchase for advice, so that the first dream car is not the nightmare cart . In addition, it is advisable to carry out an independent car check as well as a test drive with the object of desire.

Advantages and disadvantages of various car purchase options at a glance

  advantages disadvantage
car dealer
  • Free service
  • Serious purchase contract
  • warranty
  • High price
  • brand dependent
Classified online / print
  • Low price
  • Large selection of brands
  • No guarantee
  • High time expenditure
  • No service
Used car dealers
  • brand independence
  • warranty
  • Higher price
Family friends
  • Low price
  • Easy handling
  • No guarantee
  • No professional sales contract


What are the costs for the first car?

What are the costs for the first car?

On average, almost two-thirds of novice drivers are under the age of 20 when they buy their first car. If you do not have a loan, you may not be able to make a purchase or purchase a loan. . Because not only the purchase itself goes to the wallet, but also the monthly expenses.

Even if the prospect of a bargain seems to be tempting, it is not advisable for novice drivers to buy a much too cheap car. A low purchase price increases the probability of potential defects in the car, which in turn may be reflected in expensive repairs. A solid basis for the first vehicle is the price range of € 3,000 to € 5,000, which can be paid either in one go, with the help of a loan or by installment.

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