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Calculate car loans and compare the interest rates of different providers. Compare the conditions yourself, calculate the lending rates online, secure favorable interest rates. Special credit calculators offer an online overview of all car loans. The cheapest car loan can be selected directly from the computer and applied for. Use our TÜV-certified car loan comparison now and calculate online in seconds!

Good Finance provides the cheapest online loan in Germany.

Good Finance provides the cheapest online loan in Germany.

The cheapest online loan is a great way to make an (existing) overdraft. If the current account is overdrawn, banks in the Federal Republic pay an average of 9.78% discount interest per year. **) An account balance overdrawn by USD 1,000 leads to an average acquisition cost of USD 51.46 with a constant repayment in one year. At the conclusion of the negative interest loan from Good Finance, however, consumers not only bridge these disposition costs, they even receive 8.16 USD.

Overall, this means a saving of 59.62 USD. 1,000 USD net loan amount, -1,50% eff. Annual interest rate, 2.72% b. Debit interest pa, term twelve months, total amount: 991,84 USD, monthly rate: 82,65 USD. The promotional loan is only available once per borrower. The development loan is granted with a borrowing rate of 2.72% pa and a borrowing rate of USD 84.56 per month.

The customer still pays only 82.65 USD per month. The difference is transferred to the house bank. is the largest German comparison portal. The free online comparison of many providers creates a consistent overview and consumers can save by switching hundreds of USD often. Individuals can choose from over 300 car insurance rates, more than 1,000 electricity and 850 gas providers, more than 30 banks, more than 250 Internet and mobile telecommunications companies, and more than 5,000 connected electric, household and passenger car tires , more than 150 car rental companies, more than 1,000,000,000 hotel operators, more than 700 airlines and over 90 package tour operators.

The payment takes place with us by the offerers. The company Good Finance based in Munich employs more than 1,000 people throughout the Group.

Car loan: top conditions with the test winner

Car loan: top conditions with the test winner

A car loan co-finances every second private car purchased in the Federal Republic. On the other hand, banks often charge low interest rates on loans. As a car buyer you invest a lot of time in choosing the right vehicle and the right equipment. Enter the terms and the loan amount in the calculator.

The term is used to control the monthly rate and thus defines individual framework conditions. With the calculator, you can get an overview of the banks that provide a car loan for the duration you have chosen. After receiving a credit request, you will receive a non-binding offer tailored to your data and will find out which house bank will issue you with the best annual interest rate.

When the car loan is approved and granted, the house bank immediately transfers the loan amount to your account usage. The low interest rates and a solid discount will save you from financing your car, which you can invest elsewhere. A vintage car loan is a installment loan, which is also secured. If a car bank offers a special car loan, the conditions are generally favorable.

Reason: The title of the vehicle is transferred to the house bank as collateral. As a result, a resale, but not the use of the vehicle is prohibited by the owner, as the house bank owner of the vehicle. Upon full repayment of the car loan, the loan is transferred and the car is the property of the vehicle owner. Justification: As is the case for all loans, credit institutions are assuming a default on car loans.

It is more likely that the entire loan amount will be repaid to the house bank. It passes this advantage on to its customers through preferential conditions. Increasingly attracts the own financing offer from manufacturers and dealers. The zero percent financing is tempting for the consumer: an interest-free loan amount is the cheapest option. Cash is still the most important selling point when buying a car.

For dealer financing, this option is not available. The loan agreement is concluded for a duration that ends with the remaining value of the vehicle as the last installment. For example, if the car costs USD 30,000, the loan is to run for three years and the car has a remaining value of USD 15,000, USD 15,000 will have to be repaid during the contract period.

However, the total amount of the loan yields interest, making the financing more expensive. The consumer has several options at the end of the deadline: The last installment, in this example 15,000 USD, he pays immediately and receives the car. With a threefold financing, he can deliver the car to the seller.

Often the return to the dealer is not completely free of discussion. Here, the dealer can demand a further installment payment when returning the vehicle. All three car loan types have in common that the customer credit rating (credit rating) is included in the loan application. In addition to the credit bureau information, it depends on monthly income and costs, job security, number of students and much more, depending on the bank.

Only when the creditworthiness vote, the bank finances the vehicle purchase – no serious offerer gives credit without credit bureau examination. If the interest depends on the creditworthiness, also debtors with better creditworthiness get a favorable annual rate. A classic car loan means financing without ifs and buts – whether for new cars or used. Even if the dealer financing is always a tight package, you decide the largest part of the car loan itself.

Advantageous are the favorable conditions, discounts for cash payer, a fixed contract period, clear monthly installments and the security of naming the vehicle itself at the end of the contract period.

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